Free Windows Antivirus and Malware Tools

The following are the free malware tools I use, and install, on all the computers that I work on. I recommend updating and scanning your computer with these tools at least once a month.

  • Microsoft Security Essentials – Free Microsoft Antivirus (home use)
  • Malwarebytes Anti-malware Free Edition – Freeware Malware Scanner (the best malware scanner)
  • McAfee Site Advisor – Free browser protection. It warns you if you go to a infected website.
  • Spybot Search and Destroy – Free (for personal use) malware scanner. I really don’t scan with it,  but I do use the immunize feature.
  • Secunia Personal Edition – Free (for personal use) patch management tool. Secunia scans all the software on your computer (like Flash, Java, Windows Updates, etc) to make sure they are at the latest version, which lowers your chances of getting infected. To download, go to the site above, and click Download PSI at the top.
  • SpywareBlaster – Free application that block known vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.

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