How To: Set Preferences within Hyperion’s Workspace to Default Folders and To Open IR Client by Default.

I created this document for people at work. Maybe it will help someone else, too.
  1.  Log into Hyperion. Click File and Preferences within the Hyperion Workspace.
  2.  In the Content section, choose  “Explore” in the first drop-down menu.
  3.  Next, change the Folder to your Department’s Folder within Workspace. Click Select.
  4.  You will have to double-click “Root” and then single- click your department’s folder once and click OK.
  5.  Optional: Set Workspace to default to your personal folder on save. Click the middle icon on the left menu (might have text cut off). Click Select in the New Document Folder section.
  6.  Single-click your personal folder within your Department and click OK.
  7.  Click on the 4th icon on the left menu. Choose “Interactive Reporting Web Client” in the Default Open Format section. Click OK to close preferences. Log out and Log back in to Workspace to verify your saved preferences.

Good luck!

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